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Auctions are the proven means of delivering superior results and maximum returns in the shortest possible time. Owners that choose selling at auction do so because they believe that intensive marketing to a highly qualified group of buyers is the best fit for them and their property. Also, there is no “ceiling” with an auction, and the competitive bidding establishes “fair market value.” Let the Superior Auction Group Auction team develop an accelerated marketing plan that will assure you receive offers on a specific date at true market value in the shortest period of time without contingencies.

If you have one or more properties that you’d like to sell, consider these grand Auction Benefits:

  • More money than a traditional sale. Competitive bidding among buyers means that prices could actually escalate during the bidding process beyond what would be a traditional “asking price”.
  • No commission paid by the seller! A Buyers Premium compensates the Brokers and Auction Specialists.
  • Accelerates the sale. Auction marketing creates the most exposure in the shortest period of time, one-day auction and quick closing (typically within 30 days) substantially out performs a traditional, negotiated sale.
  • Control the date of sale. Sellers select the date of the auction meaning that you know the date you will receive multiple offers through competitive bidding.
  • Stop carrying costs and other expenses including mortgage principal and interest, taxes, maintenance, association dues, etc., again, inside of a specific timeline.
  • Safety of a reserve auction or minimum bid auction to ensure that your property does not sell below what you consider acceptable. However, be sure to consult with your Superior Auction Group specialist to evaluate your property and the distinct benefits of all auction types.
  • Buyers are pre-approved and ready to buy. They also have already inspected your property during open houses scheduled specifically for the auction.
  • Virtually all details are controlled for you. Sellers set the terms and conditions of the sale. Marketing, open houses, the actual auction sale and contracts are taken care of by the auction specialists of Superior Auction Group.
  • Point of decision. Auctions forces buyers to act now or lose the opportunity to purchase.

The Superior Auction Group team of auctioneers and Realtors are available to assist in your buying selling needs today. Please call us at (614) 273-7778 or email us at

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Auction Traditional
No Commission Paid by Seller! Brokers charge between 6-7%
Enhanced Marketing! Only focuses on your property. Property is one of many being advertised and shown.
Enhanced Marketing! Only focuses on your property. Property is one of many being advertised and shown.
Results! Offers in 20-40 days or less.
Uncertainty of offers! Your property may remain on market for months or years.
Extensive targeted marketing featuring your property exclusively. With many brokers there is a heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service.
Controlled Terms! Buyers act on your schedule. Little motivation for buyers; you wait on them to make a decision.
Auction provides catalyst to promote buyer interest. Price reduction encouraged to create buyer interest in activity.
Realizes the property’s true market value. No limit on upside potential through competitive bidding. Price ceiling! Upside potential limited by asking price.
Sellers in Control! All conditions of sale set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations. Seller must negotiate all aspects of sale.
Property sold without contingencies. Contingencies are common.
All offers are presented to the seller before and during the auction Few offers received, multiple offers at one time are market dependent.
Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price of property. Seller risks overpricing, and thus seeing little interest, or underpricing and selling for less than the property is worth.