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March 13th, 2013 | News

We deliver professional results at Superior Auction Group. Selling your property at Auction eliminates the uncertainty of selling in a turbulent market. Let the Superior Auction Group team develop an auction plan that will assure you receive the best possible price for your property.

Why sell at Auction?

  • Competitive bidding escalates prices during the bidding process; sometimes even surpassing the price of a traditional, negotiated sale.
  • Sellers have the safety of a reserve or minimum bid.
  • Selling at auction puts an end to carrying costs and other expenses if traditional sales methods are not producing results.
  • Sellers receive the benefit of an aggressively marketed, organized event that exposes your property to a large number of pre-qualified buyers that are prepared to buy!
  • Auctions create a quick sale with no elongated negotiation periods.
  • Auctions create an enforced closing date. Not closing means the potential buyer loses all earnest money.
  • Ease of transaction. The auction process relieves you from selling hassles. The Auction Marketers Team handles the pre-auction tours, disclosure packets, the auction presentation, and all details associated with the auction before, during and after.

The Superior Auction Group team will design an aggressive marketing plan to advertise your auction. The team will handle all pre-auction open houses, find qualified buyers, and all events associated with the auction before, during, and after. Contact the Auction Marketers team for more information.